Argumentative military history essay

Following the introductory paragraph will be three paragraphs with transition sentences introducing the next paragraph. The conclusion will highlight the thesis and three points covered. I will upload a sample of the outline I will need for this essay as well. Begin with a clearly stated thesis (the point to prove) in the introduction and use the body of the paper to construct the argument. Rationally build the case, leading to a conclusion consistent with the thesis without repeating that thesis word-for-word. Avoid using information or comments not directly supporting the thesis. In general, devote one paragraph to one idea. Arrange sentences in logical order from most to least important. Strive, however, to connect paragraphs with transition sentences. Build each paragraph around a strong topic sentence informing the reader what the paragraph contains so that it contributes to the thesis. A history paper must contain proper footnotes or endnotes. Use direct quotations sparingly, generally to add special emphasis to a point. Using direct quotations from secondary sources rarely adds to the strength of an argument. Stringing together direct quotations is seldom effective and distracts from the papers purpose. A more effective technique is summarizing ideas and information within a paragraph and then inserting a footnote/endnote to direct the reader to the source. Use footnotes/endnotes to provide more depth or explanatory information that otherwise would interrupt the flow of the paragraph. Including several sources within the same footnote/endnote is acceptable. Furthermore, in the conclusion, my essay needs to address the implications of the historical context for todays military professional. Please choose one of the questions below for the essay. 1. How has Clausewitz best informed our understanding of warfare? ? 2. Considering the French Revolution, how has it had the greatest impact on the way nations practice warfare in the 21st century? Further directions listed below. Please use Kate L. Turabian. I will need at least 6 citations from the following books listed below. Michael Howard and Peter Paret, eds., Carl von Clausewitz, On War (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1976) Parker, Geoffrey, ed. The Cambridge History of Warfare. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2005. Knox, MacGregor, and Williamson Murray, eds. The Dynamics of Military Revolution, 13002050. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2001. ?