Apply knowledge of Strategic Management to the business of art

Business & Art Films and novels portray business in a spectrum of ways (from the villain like Vought International from The Boys or Stark Industries from Iron Man, to the source of drama like The Devil Wears Prada and a habitat for awkward-funny moments like The Office.) Beyond that, entertainment companies like film studios, streaming services, and music labels have their own dynamic business models and corporate strategies. This assignment is meant to let you apply what youre learning in Strategic Management to the business of art, or business in art. Read a novel, watch a film or series, research an entertainment brand, or compare and contrast some business-relevant aspect of two or more art productions. (What should Netflix do about losing so many Disney-produced shows and films? How does The Founder explain Ray Krocs influence on fast food?) This assignment should be a polished analysis of either the film, the brand, or the strategic management lessons in either story.