analytical research term paper about Senkaku Island Dispute

This is an analytical paper about Senkaku Island Dispute between China and Japan. Your paper should not just be only a justification of Chinese claims but to ask how these claims hold up relative to the rival claims of other countries and what role history, power, and law play respectively. In other words, why would a skeptic believe Chinese claims rather than Japanese claims over Senkaku/Diaoyu? Also, what is important here is the role of power. Chinese power is a more relevant factor in the assertion of claims. Your task in the paper is not to support Chinese sovereignty claims based on historical records but to ask whether a country can use historical records to make territorial claims, especially when such records are challenged by other states. What role does military power and international law play in the resolution of rival territorial claims? Please understand that this is an analytical paper. You need to consult multiple sources and determine whether Chinese claims have any more reason than the claims of other countries, which may also be using history.