Administration in Criminal Justice

Prepare a ten-page paper on leadership. While reading the selected chapters, in both books compare and contrast your approach to the topic with what was written in the books. This includes, but is not limited to comparing and contrasting the following issues relating to leadership: principles of leadership, leadership styles, leadership traits, effective decision making, and motivating employees. Use both books as sources, along with at least three other sources, such as other books, articles, or journals. The two books are: Cordner, G.W. (2013). Police Administration. (8th ed.) Charlottesville, VA: LexisNexis-Anderson Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-4557-3118-3. Order via publishers website at: or Amazon. Harvey, A. & Foster, R (2007). Leadership: Texas Hold Em Style. CreateSpace Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-4196743-8-9. Obtain the book via There is also a Kindle Edition, ASIN: B0050ZKR6C. I need an abstract page and a reference page for this paper.