Wind, Wave and Tidal Energies

Using data from the New York Independent System Operator Website, write an analysis for a plan that would implement at least three of the aforementioned technologies to offset the utility grid fossil fuel burning power plants in the next 50 years. This analysis should take into account the yearly energy consumption of New York State (from the NYS ISO website:, search for 2019 Load & Capacity Data or Gold Book), including projected growth, and properly offset the fuel burning power plants using the various renewable energy means. Include PROs & CONS of such an endeavor as well as a cost analysis with simple paybacks for each renewable technology used in your report. It is obviously not feasible to replace all of the fossil fueled power plants with alternatives overnight, describe the challenges with replacing fossil fueled power plants along with your solutions in a phased approach. The term paper must be typed with double-spacing, and include proper grammar & spelling, cover page, and table of contents (TOC). Pictures or diagrams are encouraged to strengthen your idea, but they are to be small and embedded within your text, not full stock page pictures.