technology and human cultures

1) articulate at least FIVE values that you believe are important to evaluating technology used for communication; 2) provide at least THREE examples of these communication technologies and discuss the extent to which the examples serve to foster or hinder the values that you have put forth as important; and 3) offer and discuss at least ONE reference to an evidence-based study or scholarly article for each of your examples that supports your evaluative claim about the communication technology (e.g., an evidence-based research article on how social media promotes expanded and positive interactions). You are encouraged to consider technologies that you did not analyze for your first paper, to think broadly about technologies for communication (including pens, books, letters, signs, sign language, e-mail, phones, video conferencing, chats, computer-based collaborative tools, etc.), and to revisit – and think more deeply about – your values statement. Note that it is not sufficient to provide only anecdotes of your experiences with technology; you must support your assessment of the technology with evidence described in rigorous studies.