Reflect on the implications highlighted in the paper· Your conclusion should be separate and distinct from the Practice section.

You are to write a paper (7-8 pages) that addresses the issue/question of your interest. The paper should consist of 3 parts:My research topic is women and workplace participation. My research question is (you can create your own research question if you would like., however the field of women and psychology music be the topic.)How does the political climate and one’s behaviour work to create a cycle that limit women’s participation in the workforce?Political climate = refers to government polices, workplace policies and societal norms/value/beliefs.One’s behaviour = refer to the actions and thought process/thinking of women when considering whether to enter/re-enter the workforce or to be a housewife.Cycle = it’s a cycle because, women may feel societal pressures to stay at home and be housewives because they see so many other women doing the same (their other, aunt, sisters, friend, co-worker, etc.). It’s also a cycle because both factors feed-off one another; the political climate work to limit women’s opportunities to either get a job, get a week paying job or limit their opportunity for promotions, while one’s behaviours work to psychology limit their opportunities. By that I means if all the women around a person is a housewife, they’re going to feel psychologically pressured and will most likely have viewpoint/ideologies similar to that of a housewife. Or in the case of limited opportunities due to political climate, they may think “if I can’t get a well paying job or if I’m never going to be able to get teh job I want/dream career because of the political climate I may as well as just become a housewife”.2. Introduction (0.5 pages)· Succinct· Clear introduction of the topic and the research question· Should be interesting3. Topical or Policy Literature Review (4 pages)· Using a literature review method, demonstrate why this research question or issue is worth studying:o What are the current theoretical or policy issues and debates related to your topic?o What is the current state of knowledge about these issues and problems?· Based on what you have read, are there gaps or new ways of thinking about things that would justify a need for your research topic?4. Implications & Practice (2-3 pages)· List and discuss two clear implications based on what you have read/developed in the literature review.· The implications should be related to your literature review and your research question5. Conclusion (0.5 pages)· Should summarize your points and restate your thesis in clear, fresh language.· Reflect on the significance of what you wrote· Reflect on the implications highlighted in the paper· Your conclusion should be separate and distinct from the Practice section.Paper Checklist:The paper should be written from a critical perspective: uncovering and unsetting dominant narratives in psychology in the name of social justice. It should meet the following standards:HeadingsAn introductionA review and evaluation of the literature that you’ve found7-10 quality integrated sources (It’s ok to use more)Conclusion7-8 pages excluding APA formatted title page and bibliography.Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman, 12 front and double-spacedAPA (6thedition) for references, title page, headers, referencesReady to submit via Quercus in WORD only.RubricTopic Submission2 points· Submitted on time· A realistic and manageable research question for studyIntroduction2 points· Interesting introduction· Position and research question is clearly stated· Organization of the argument is completely and clearly outlined and implementedLiterature Review10 pointsWell organized, demonstrates logical sequencing and structure.· Evaluative rather than descriptive/reporting· Relevant, quality, academic sources· Highlights some of the major writers· Research is presented accurately and completelyImplications and Practice5 points· Implications are thoughtful and thought-out· Implications are based on what was found in the literature review· Student has explored the benefits and challenges of bothWriting4 points· Paper is coherently organized, and a logic is easy to follow.· Language is clear and there are no spelling or grammatical errors· Terminology is succinctly and clearly defined.· Writing is clear and concise and persuasive.· APA guidelines (title page, headings, references) are clearly followedCritical Perspective5 points· Exhibits clarity, complexity, perceptiveness, originality, and depth of thought about the topic.· Provides excellent evaluation of weaknesses or strengths of text and ideas· Uses creativity to interpret text (e.g., places it in interesting context or compares / contrasts with other relevant texts)· Challenges normative assumptions and promotes social justiceConclusion2 points· Conclusion is clearly separated from practice implications· It has a clear logical connection to the analysis of the text· Reflects informed evaluation and summary of evidence in relation to goals of equity and social justice which are explained and defined by the Student.