Re-entering the Institutionalized for reintegration

The corrections function is the last component of the criminal justice system. When offenders reenter the community after incarceration, it is with the hope that they will live as productive, law-abiding citizens in society. Unfortunately, many find their way back into the system very quickly and so begins once again, the cycle of arrest, incarceration, and later reentry back into the community..Considering the information you gained from this lesson and learned throughout this course, describe the factors contributing to this cycle. Think about what you’ve studied about the three Cs, some causes of criminal behavior, the sentencing process, punishment, and research. Consider options within the sentencing continuum and the viability of intermediate sanctions as an effective prison alternative. Include as well, some of the challenges a former inmate might face as he/she attempts to reintegrate into society and what tools available to the criminal justice system can help minimize the risk of recidivism.