Psychology in the news

Psychology in the News This assignment is designed to get you critically thinking and writing about how psychological issues are presented in the popular media. Magazine, tv, and online accounts of psychological phenomena often are presented more to attract an audience than to provide fully accurate information. To complete this assignment, keep a folder of items from the media. For audio or visual items describe the item as closely as possible, e.g., by transcribing the script of a radio ad. A copy of the print item or your written description of the audio or visual items Page 4 of 6 must be included in order for your submission to be graded. For each item in the folder, include a brief essaytwo pages, double-spaced typingon the connections between the media item and material from the course text or class. Its essential to focus on the connections between the media item and psychological theories or research evidence. Clear, well-organized writing in the essays is important. You will include five media items (with a total of 10 or more pages of your own writing) in your folder. For two of the items you are expected to find a relevant article from a psychology journal identified in PsycInfo, and include information from the article in your brief essay; for each of these two write-ups a reference to the article from PsycInfo must be included in order for the write-up to be marked. For the other three media items you are not expected to conduct research beyond the text and our class sessions. Please include the following. Greys Anatomy Season 16 episode # 6 (Jo talks about her experience in treatment with EMDR) The Predictive Processing Model of EMDR. Author: D. Eric Chamberlin¤tPosition=11&docId=GALE%7CA602406660&docType=Brief+article&sort=Relevance&contentSegment=ZCUL&prodId=PPPC&contentSet=GALE%7CA602406660&searchId=R3&userGroupName=otta0998&inPS=true Consciousness and Cognition