Primary Source Analysis Ancient Greek The goal is not to merely summarize what the source is and what it says but to deeply engage with it and study it. The link above will give some types of questions to ask (in particular of written material). Primary sources can come in a variety of forms from letters, literature, or other written evidence contemporary to the period to material culture like coins, inscriptions, sculptures, artwork, etc These are all vital pieces of information but must be interpreted to be of use. You do not need secondary sources for this as this is a primary source analysis but you are welcome to consult them to get a bigger sense of the picture (i.e. how many oil lamps have we found or how many pieces of art did Y sculptor create or how common is X type of pottery) but the real key is to analyze the primary source itself and interrogate it. Make sure to include a link in the body and bibliography if youre looking at images of an artefact The artifact name is grave stele for helena dog toumb stone image is provided