Philosophical Paper on Abortion

The subject of this paper is Biomedical Ethics Explanation of case: Case is relevant to your topic and demonstrates the importance of considering the ethical dilemma behind it. Argument: plausibility, explanation and analysis, strength (how well it supports your thesis), accuracy when explaining the arguments of other philosophers. All points are WELL EXPLAINED (pretend like you need to convince someone who has never encountered these readings before that this view is correct). (The easiest way to do this is simply to explain the argument given by a philosopher). Consideration of objection: clear, charitable, accurate explanation of another authors position (Again, the easiest way to do this is to explain an argument given by another philosopher and how it undermines your argument) Response to objection: Responds to the points in the objection clearly, without merely repeating the points you made in your argument. Your response is also consistent with your original argumentyou do not want to contradict points you originally made when giving your response. Structure: Well organized presentation of ideas, allows the reader to easily follow your thoughts throughout the paper. Introduction introduces the topic concisely without adding fluff. Body of the paper flows easily, and contains a logic ordering of ideas. Conclusion briefly summarizes what youve done in the paper and might make note of the actual strength of your argument, or bring up some other alternatives to your view or potentially controversial implications of your view. Readability: Paper is concise, precise, easy to follow, and easy to understand. Any technical terminology that is used is explained. Words are chosen carefully, correct grammar. (Note: adding in superfluous or unusual words does not make your paper profound! Be clear and straight to the point).