Nurse theorist

1. Each student will choose a nurse leader of their choice to write about. The leader chosen may be a clinical leader, an academic leader, or any of the many other leaders in nursing.
2. Once chosen, the student will develop as part of the paper the historical, philosophical, social, and educational background of the nurse-leader. Make sure to identify clearly what makes them a leader in their field.
3. In the paper, an introduction to the concept of leadership is expected as well as the development of the leadership theory that suites your chosen nurse leader. This would be a good place to explain why you chose that theory for that nurse leader.
4. With the development of the theory, the writer is expected to discuss the leadership theory/style along with the skill set, behaviors, and characteristics of the leader. How do these leaders lead? Motivate? Give examples if possible.
5. A conclusion is a summary of your paper. Has your leader changed her/his style over time? If so.why? What makes them relevant today? Or are they?

and the rubric….
1. Paper contains an introduction that describes the breadth, width, and depth of the paper.
2. A thorough in-depth discussion of the leadership theory, the characteristics and skill set is discussed as it relates to the chosen nurse leader. Examples are good here.
3. A well-rounded view into the background of the chosen nurse-leader is provided by the student; to include reasoning for the students choice. References in APA are expected.
4. A conclusion to the paper should be drawn that does justice to the writing,