Knoweledge and perception of parents towards lumber puncture in Saudi Arabia

Literature Review Under literature review heading, present a critical, current state of knowledge about main study concept/s. It is important summarize, synthesize, and critique the exiting literature. Then, you can recognize relationships among studies and pinpoint to trends, gaps, and inconsistencies in the literature. You are demonstrating your familiarity with the topic and illustrating how your research questions and approach are different from other existing studies. You should mainly use primary source of research reports, which are descriptions of studies written by the researchers who conducted them. You can organize your literature review based on your concepts as recognizable topic and begin each with a sub-heading. Avoid listing studies and saying Alzharni says X, Aldawsari says Y and try to look for trends and themes and then tying and synthesizing related information. Avoid including all the studies on the subject and use only those studies that are directly relevant to your subject. You start each heading with defining your concept, provide relevant statistical information, and current background information, followed by how the concepts are studied and how they are related. Focus on the findings from the literature that are central to your study. Conclude the review of literature with a concise summary of the literature and provide a rationale for conducting your study. It can be 6 to 10 pages long. Recent references at least 25