Juvenile Delinquency

Research proposal instructions: 1. Introduction: This should e an overview of my study; I must explain the purpose and goal of my proposed study. School programs to counter juvenile delinquency: What are some middle school program strategies that can be implemented to prevent and counter juvenile delinquency? 2. Literature Review: My literature review is filled with plagiarism and citation errors 3. Research Gap/Hypothesis Clearly state the hypothesis you want to test or research gap 4. Conceptualization and Operationalization of key terms/Variables Define your concepts and your variables and be clear about how they will be measured 5. Sampling What is your population and how will you assess them? provide a specific sampling method and justification for using it 6. Methodology a. State and describe the data collection method you use (survey, interview, field research, experiment, etc) b. Provide a specific plan for how you will collect your data c. Describe and explain your measurement tool (survey, interview protocol, data analysis, plan, etc) d. Consider ethics and note whether or not your study will require institutional review board (IBR) approval e. Proposed Statistical Analysis 7. Conclusion A brief summary of the purpose and goal of the study and how our research design will achieve them 8. References (at least 8) peer review in the field of study 9. Appendix (where you place your survey, interview protocol, or coding frame work format: APA, including title page, intext citation, page numbers, and reference list Font: 12-point Time New Roman, double-spaced