is deeper economic integration (through free trade) the path (out of poverty) to development? are there good reasons for developing countries to embrace rather than reject economic openness?

this essay is for international political economy answer the question clearly follow these instructions 1. The thesis should contain a ‘novelty’, i.e., present an original idea or perspective, discuss previously ignored/unobserved phenomena, explain in a novel way existing phenomenon 2. It should be logically consistent 3. It should be substantiated by empirical data 4. It should make a significant contribution (though the judgment may be left for the future) to an existing debate within the field; to better understanding of an unexplained, new, prevalent, or otherwise important phenomenon Introduction (the most important part of this essay) 1. Construction of a puzzle or a problem and make it clear from the start (empirical or conceptual) 2. Statement of purpose in the context of other academic studies 3. Formulation and statement of your puzzle and purpose as a research question 4. Statement of argument (your conclusion, only very general at this stage) 5. Statement of methodology (roadmap) 6. Statement of significance The problem problem or tension or perplexing Inexplicable phenomenon: Eg. Recent research has shown a dramatic escalation in use of robots in warfare Perplexing/significant data: eg. free elections are to be held in China for the first time The purpose The purpose of the essay is to Be precise in choice of words! . to show, to demonstrate, to reveal, to challenge, to test Not to evaluate, examine, discuss etc these are methodological words to be used in your roadmap or methodology, not when conveying your purpose Eg. whereas some focus on the purpose of this essay is to Eg. Current research suggests that however, this essay will demonstrate Research question Good research questions are not yes/no answer questions Good questions begin with a why, how? Statement of argument Only very general in the intro because you havent presented the evidence yet I argue that Highlight the key factor Methodology Your roadmap Tell the reader how you will get to the Conclusion (your argument) The key steps you will take to address your argument (which you have stated in brief just prior) Eg. I will address my argument in the following way: first. Significance Explain the expected gain or value of your argument in general terms Theoretical/conceptual to a current debate And/or policy relevance The conclusion A concise summary of the main arguments and findings Explicit presentation of the theoretical benefit and perhaps applicability to real [political] life problem solvingdetails of what you can see in the next two lines, in italics And doing the above may involve explaining the limitations of your essay A broad brush painting of future research directions, application opportunities, empirical predictions or policy prescriptions