In African Americans with diabetes type II, how does exercise compared to sedentary lifestyle affect their quality of life?

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Complete the following components of your Scholarly Project Proposal using APA format. Review the DNP Scholarly Project Proposal Part I Rubric in the course syllabus and the DNP Scholarly Project Paper Guidelines (PDF) carefully and consider how to incorporate each required criterion into the proposal. Ensure that your Evidence Evaluation Table has a minimum of 20 articles; submit the table as a separate document.

Introduction to Problem
Background and Significance
Needs Assessment
Problem Statement
Project Aim or Purpose
Clinical Question/PICOT
Congruence with organizational strategic plan
Synthesis of Evidence
Submit a minimum of 20 articles in your EET as a separate document.
Conceptual or Theoretical Framework

Note that while this draft will not be graded, the final version of the paper will be evaluated using the DNP Scholarly Project Proposal Part I Rubric located in the course syllabus. Be sure to review the rubric to ensure you are meeting each criterion.

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