Healhcare Policy and related to Practicum hours

1. Discuss your experience so far with healthcare policy and advocacy? How have you been involved? What have you learned from that involvement? See attachment about attending Legislative day/reception, talked about substance abuse and approving Narcan, making insulin affordable, mental health resources in the community, assaults and abuse on healthcare providersattended a session on palliative care policy changes in host state, learned about POLST, DNR, ASSISTED SUICIDE, Marijuana and CBD regulations etc2. What would you say to other nursing professionals about the importance of healthcare policy and advocacy?3. What are you plans for the future in regards to healthcare policy and advocacy? Are there areas that you need further training or development? Has the DNP program adequately prepared you for your role? Need further training and confidence4. If this is not your first field experience, please compare and contrast what you are seeing this term versus last terms. promoting/ advocating for services for patients and healthcare providers, more versed/articulate needs, having meaningful discussions that impact the care of patients.