Getting Played by Jody Miller

Reflection Writings/Reaction paper

Students will write and submit a 4-page minimum summary of the 2 books read this semester.
Your writing should contain a summary of the book, what stood out for you as relevant or interesting and why or why not?
You are encouraged to weave into this paper: 1) personal experience, 2) the topics discussed in class lectures, 3) theories discussed in class and 4) PowerPoints and texts to frame your discussion.
Papers should be double spaced, 12 Point font.
This is an individual assignment, you must submit your own work.
Please note, any time you use someones words or ideas you must provide both in text (Silletti, 2018) and end of paper citation.
If you do not provide citations both in text and at end of paper this is plagiarizing. Plagarized papers will receive a failing grade.
For your convenience you may want to copy and paste as needed:

Miller, J. (2008). Getting played: African American girls, urban inequality, and gendered violence. New York: New York University Press.
RUBRIC FOR ASSIGNMENT: 1. Summary is exceptionally clear
2. personal/academic parallel is exceptionally clear
3. grammar, spelling, and clarity are clear with no errors, paper is organized in very clear and cogent manner
4. demonstrates excellent ability to give citations and references. all scholarly sources are relevant to report.