Family Preservation


The main assignment for the course involves a mini-literature review of research studies evaluating a child welfare program or service (e.g., home-visiting programs, family preservation services, etc.). Students will select one program, to be determined and approved by instructor and find 8 peer-reviewed articles that have evaluated that program. Based on the literature review, students will provide a conclusion regarding implications for child welfare practice. The paper provides an opportunity to integrate reading, lectures/discussions, and other research. It is due at the beginning of class Week 14, 11/21/2019. The following is an outline the paper. Please use the main headings, such as Introduction, Description of the program, etc. (but no Roman Numerals).

I. Introduction

Introduce the program with a brief historical background.

–What problem is the program attempting to address? What is the connection to neglect,
physical abuse, sexual abuse, and or/psychological maltreatment?
–What population does the program help?
–What was the scope of the problem at the time the program was created?

II. Description of the program

Describe the elements of the program.

–What are the key concepts involved?
–What is significant/important about this program?
–Is the program sensitive about and responsible to any cultural needs (gender, race/ethnicity, etc.)?

III. What does the research suggest about effectiveness?

–Is the program effective overall? (i.e., Do people who participate in the program do better than those who do not?)
–What parts of the program (services/components) are more effective?
–Is the program more effective for some versus others? (i.e., What works best for whom?)

IV. Conclusion

Based on the literature review, what are the implications for ethical child welfare policy and/or practice?

APA citation style must be used. Course materials, including lectures/discussions, must be integrated. In terms of formatting, the paper should be structured as an academic paper (e.g., using paragraphs, having a references page at the end, etc.). The paper should be typed, double-spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins all-around, and with the right-side margin not justified. Please include a cover page with your last name listed first and then your first name (e.g., Grimes, Rick). And lastly, please make sure to include page numbers. Any deviation of these formatting requirements will result in loss of points.