Exploration of Change Management Practice

This is an individual assignment.•Select six different change management case studies from the options attached, The Founder, or Change Leadership in a cross-cultural context (a case study of Italy and Australia), in Chapter 1 of this textbook. You may select another case, but it must be approved by your tutor prior 4pm Thursday of Week 11. Do not use the same case as Assessment Task 2.•For each case, write 200 words analysing how the situation in the case may have benefited from the use of a practice, concept, theory or model explored in this course. Use different practices, concepts, theories and models in each 200 words. The focus is on problem solving, not problem analysing!•Cite at least 4 relevant, recent, academic, peer reviewed journal articles in each 200 words.•Complete a Reference List (with a minimum of 24 sources).•Complete a reflection of problem solving and decision making, and self-evaluation, using this template .Assessment 3 – remember to download and complete the reflection activity, as it’s worth 20% of the mark. A good reflection will go beyond the surface level to deeply and authentically critique your approach and discuss your learnings. Ensure your approach to the cases includes problem-solving/solutions and remember to adhere to the minimum requirements eg: peer-reviewed references, word count, and critical discussion. Ideally, you will include at least one contrasting point in the 200 words. Also, avoid description ie: don’t repeat any passages or direct quotes from the case. Write as consisely as possible and no need for long definitions. Focus on applying and viewing the case/situation from a few perspectives.If you find change models that are not in Gibbon’s book, you may still use them, just reference them. For example, there are lots of Change Management books in the Library and on the databases.