Evaluate the role of operant learning and classical conditioning in drug addiction.

Essay Title: Evaluate the role of operant learning and classical conditioning in drug addiction.Assessed intended learning outcomes:On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:Knowledge and Understanding.Explain in detail the structure of the brain, the function of a range of different brain areas and demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between genes, hormones and the nervous system in the determination of human behaviour.Transferable/Key Skills and other Attributes.Use written communication for a variety of audiences both specialist and non-specialist.Demonstrate a broad knowledge and understanding of how our behaviour is affected by the brain, in particular the problems that may occur when normal brain functioning is interrupted or impaired.To evaluate critically arguments, assumptions, abstract concepts and data in order to make sound judgements and to achieve a solution to a problem.Synthesize information from a variety of sources in order to devise and sustain arguments.Manage own learning, make use of scholarly reviews and primary sources, consolidate, extend and apply their knowledge in the necessary preparation of the course assessments.Marking criteria/scheme:You will be assessed on the following:Knowledge of the topic area: The content of your assignment must demonstrate an underlying biopsychological component. The content should provide evidence of extensive background reading and a sound theoretical understanding of the literature reviewed and demonstrate an awareness of any relevant ethical issues.Coherence of argument and critical analysis: The assignment should demonstrate analytical and evaluative use of the relevant literature and research findings. You should demonstrate your ability to synthesise a variety of information from many sources to produce a coherent and evaluative essay.Communication: You should demonstrate an excellent standard of English and the essay should possess logical progression and clarity in structure. Referencing: information presented and evidence used to support your arguments should be gained from appropriately academic sources. References should be accurately and completely reported in the Harvard APA 6th format.Presentation: Clear and concise overall presentation.You should consult your Blackboard Module site for detailed grade or mark descriptors.