Economics – Spain’s Economy

You need to write at least a ten-page paper on a country of your choosing. The ten-page minimum does not count the title page, the list of references, or any tables or figures you include. Also, keep quotes or excerpts from other sources to a minimum. I am much more interested in how you explain these ideas in your own words. I am expecting at least five sources but more is always better. In this paper, you will describe the economic system that exists. You should discuss the history of the country that led to this system, the justification for the economic system, and the challenges that the country has faced and continues to face. Moreover, I want more detail than to merely state that a country is capitalist or socialist as shades of gray will certainly arise. Consider just a few questions:To what extent and in what ways does the government intervene in the economy?Does the country rely on specific industries or commodities for revenue?Was the country ever a colony and, if so, what legacy has that left?What other historical features or events drive current outcomes? Has the country undergone important reforms or movements towards or away from a market economy? What economic challenges does the country face currently and is projected to face in the future?The above set of questions is just the tip of the iceberg. In a nutshell, I want:a description of the current economic system a history of how the country got to that system and the problems of that system including challenges for the future. You are certainly free to use data to back up any point. The World Bank provides a databank at

Finally, SIU has a subscription to and I will use it. Plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment. But please if you are unsure what is or is not acceptable then just ask which will show me that you are making an honest attempt to avoid plagiarizing others w