Did you reach different resolutions based on the theory (approach) you used?

Construct a memo to the Bank’s Manager. You can complete this memo from the perspective of Maonique, the HR director, the newspaper, etc. You may choose what perspective (voice/person) you write the memo. Maximum 1 page, single-spaced, 12-point Times Roman font, approximately 500 words. *A minimum of 3 citations from the Johnson textbook is required. Review the Case Study 4.1. In this case the human resource director at a regional bank has taken credit for the work of Monique, one of her young subordinates. Monique decides to confront the director. Think about this case of trust betrayal and upon how you would respond to similar incidents from an ethical perspective. You should think about ethical strategies for coping with trust and betrayal based on chapter 4 concepts. You should also think about the importance of employing the ethical communication skills discussed in the chapter during this encounter. After analyzing this encounter, prepare a memo to the bank’s President outlining your observations and next steps relative to the concepts presented in the chapter. Stay away from opinion and emotions and rely upon a discussion of the ethics at play. You must cite your text book a minimum of 3 times by applying the specific theories, perspectives and concepts from Chapter 4. In developing your response, consider the factors that are addressed in the Discussion Probes which follow the case. Note that you are not expected to answer the probes in Question and Answer form; nor are you encouraged to do so. Instead, use the probes as points of consideration as you develop your response. Did you reach different resolutions based on the theory (approach) you used? Were some perspectives more useful in resolving this issue than the others? Would it have been more helpful to apply a variety of approaches in determining how to resolve the issue? Did you provide your ethical analysis of the case (not your opinion and a summary of the case)? Additional research is encouraged, but you should make sure to include proper citations and references in APA format. Remember to follow an appropriate business format and be advised grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, tone, and professionalism will be assessed, in addition to content. This is formal, business writing and the voice and tone should reflect this. Textbook: Organizational Ethics, Edition 3 by Craig Johnson, Sage Publications