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It is a 7-9 min speech, and I really want the speech to to be written with easy English vocabulary words and easy to understand. The second thing would be, before writing the speech, I want the writer to make an outline on the document that I am going to send. The form has to be the same like the attachment that I am going to send. This is a persuasive speech, so, this speech has to have the problem, solution, and action. The speech has to have also, attention Getter, Credibility, this statement, main points, Transitions, 4 of sources orally cited both outline and in Speech as well. Use of appeal Used pathos in speech by defining an obvious feeling to be evoked in audience, Defined problem Clearly stated problem and provided evidence, Defined Solution Clearly stated solution to problem, Action Provided strong, specific action-to be completed within 48 hours,Restate thesis/ Clearly restated thesis and summarized main points .