Communication Technologies

The final research paper will be an essay focused on a type of communication technology. You will choose from one of the following types of communication technology, although you can, with consultation with me, choose your own technology. You will be asked to do a few few short assignments in weeks 6 through 12, and the goal is that by the end of these assignments, youll have a greater understanding and a lot of information about your technology. At that point you should choose one or two aspects of about the technology on which to write in your final paper. This is a history paper which will need an argument, footnotes, and a bibliography. I will offer support with these elements both in office hours and by email. The paper is due December 9, 5:00pm on Canvas and as a physical copy in class.

New Jersey connections
Before there was Silicon Valley, there was New Jersey! In the 20th century, this state was a hub of technological innovation. Thomas Edison first set up shop in Newark, Bell Labs relocated to New Jersey in the 60s, the Radio Corporation of America had its main laboratory in the state, and so did Edward Weston (who helped create the Newark Technical School, now NJIT). There were a lot of cool technical innovations that came from this state, and some great primary sources here in the Van Houten libraryconsider one of them for your paper.

Paper topic ideas: – Aldis lamp- Betamax- Crystal receiving sets – Daisy-wheel printers- Dot-matrix printers- Edisons Electric Pen- Edisons Electromotograph- Hansen Writing Ball- Hear-See system- Hoe’s six-cylinder rotary press- Mail by pneumatic tubes- Mail by rocket – Mail by satellite – Mimeograph machines- Phonautograph – Photostat machine- AT&T Picturephone- PLATOs Talkomatic- Pneumatic dispatch- RCA Radiofax system- Selectric typewriter- Sound tape cartridges – Teletypes- Video Discs- Walkie-Lookie (also called the Creepie-Peepie) – Wire recorders- Edisons spirit phone