Communication Studies Interpersonal

OPTION 1: Nonverbal Reflection Homework Assignment

Think of a time when your nonverbal communication was misinterpreted by someone or when you misinterpreted the nonverbal communication of someone else. Please be sure to select an interpersonal relationship over an impersonal one.

Briefly describe the situation and what happened.
How were the nonverbals misunderstood? What was the outcome?
What does this experience reveal about the nature of nonverbal communication within interpersonal relationships?
What does this experience reveal to you about how nonverbal communication functions in our relationships?
How will your reflecting on this experience and analyzing it impact future interactions in your interpersonal relationships?
Guidelines and Expectations:

Typed, Times New Roman or Calibri font, double space OK (not for your header: Name & Course Days/Time), minimum of a 2-page reflection.
Overall you will be graded on the quality of the content, insight gleaned, completeness of the assignment, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.