Client Memorandum

This assignment must be submitted through Blackboard on the due date, October 27th, by 6:30 p.m.. The paper must be four pages at minimum, but no more than six pages. The Client Memorandum must be at least the better part of a page. Both must be submitted through Safe Assign, formatted with double space, typed using font size 12 and where appropriate, should have sources quoted/cited. Students will select an issue from the topics in the list of available topics and write a paper focusing on that legal issue. Students also will draft a mock Client Memorandum. The paper will focus on the students related research and demonstrated understanding of the governing legal principles of the chosen topic. The mock client memorandum will provide the student with an opportunity to create a hypothetical, real-world scenario within the context of the legal topic researched, in which the student will submit remedial and/or best-practice recommendations to the hypothetical business client. The scenario does not need to be overly complicated, but must present a client with a real-world issue, directly addressable by the research paper materials. Students shall keep in mind that it is imperative that all components of this assignment must be completed, otherwise a loss in grade points will result. . Whistleblower Law and Protection (federal) 2. Unemployment Laws and Considerations (New York State) 3. Mandatory Unencumbered (meal) Break Requirements for Employees (New York State Labor Law) 4. Paid Sick Leave Laws and Considerations (New York State) 5. Legal Implications of “Ban the Box” 6. Transgender Protections and Implications (New York State) 7. HIPAA Law and Considerations 8. Background Check Allowances and Constrictions (New York State) 9. Dress Code Constraints and Parameters (federal and/or New York State) 10. Pay Equity Laws and Implications (federal and/or New York State)