Canadian criminal justice system

Term papers are to focus upon the Canadian Criminal Justice System. Possible topics include:
1. Describe how one part of the Criminal Justice System functions and if it is effective
2. Discuss role conflicts between two parts of the Criminal Justice System.
3. Any other Criminal Justice topic agreed to in advance by the professor.

Examples: The Community Policing model improves Police relations with the public; The Prime Minister should not choose Supreme Court Judges; Despite government directions, Police are continuing to use the practice of carding; The Police need better training in managing mentally ill offenders; Aboriginal Canadians are routinely denied their Chart Rights; Problem Solving Courts should be used more extensively in Canada; The Defense should be bound by the same rules of disclosure as the Crown; More offenders should receive parole. The paper must be double spaced, 3-5 pages in length, excluding cover page and references. It is to be presented in appropriate academic style, using APA format and a font size not in excess of 12. You must use the text and at least one other academic source.