Biopsychosocial-System Analysis of Dopesick

*Macy, B. (2018). Dopesick. New York, NY: Little Brown and Co. Walsh, J. (2013). Theories for direct social work practice, 3rd Edition. Stamford, CT: Cengage these need to be two of sources ASSIGNMENT 1 (Competency 2 and 7): Biopsychosocial-Systems Analysis of Dopesick (25 points) C2) engage diversity and difference in practice (KVC) C7) assess individuals, families, groups, communities, dimensions (KVC) The goal of this assignment is to enhance students comprehension of theory and bolster ability to use foundational social work theories as analytic tools for understanding complex person-in-environment issues. In this paper you will develop a thorough biopsychosocial-systems analysis of Dopesick. As a starting point, consider the complex biological, psychological, social and systemic/structural factors that contribute to the harrowing experience of an individual struggling with opiate misuse/dependence/addiction in the U.S. You may examine this situation generally or refer specifically to one of the many personal accounts depicted in Dopesick to guide your paper. The paper culminates in an examination of how social work values may serve as a lens to address the opiate problem in the U.S. Please use the following guidelines to construct your analysis: 1. Identify and discuss the biopsychosocial factors that interplay in the experience of an individual struggling with opiate use. Again, you may think of this situation in general terms or refer to one of the personal accounts in Dopesick. Be sure to cite Dopesick, other class readings, and additional peer-reviewed sources in your analysis. 2-3 pages, 5 pts 2. Using concepts and terminology from General Systems Theory, Eco-Systems Theory and/or Chaos Theory, analyze the systemic and structural factors that impact the experience of an individual living with an opiate problem in the U.S. (i.e. How does economic inequality, sexism, racism, corporate engagement in healthcare and pharmaceuticals contribute?). In addition to citing Dopesick and class materials, please incorporate additional peer reviewed sources. 3-4 pages, 10 pts 3. Explore the value of engaging the social work paradigm in addressing the opiate crisis in the U.S. Specifically, examine how social work values (hint: think of ethics code, emphasis on strengths and resiliency) offer a path to address the growing problem of opiate-related deaths in U.S. In this discussion, you may also consider offering suggestions/recommendations for solving the issue. Please use class materials, Dopesick and additional peer-reviewed sources to fuel this analysis. 1-2 pages, 5 pts 4. The paper should be 6-8 pages in length and include at least 7 additional, outside peer-reviewed sources (total). The page parameters offered per section are only recommendations. Writing clarity, style and proper use of APA are important components of your grade. Be sure your paper has a title page, introduction, headings, conclusion, and proper in-text citations and a properly formatted reference page. If you have concerns about writing this paper, please consult your instructor and/or consider making an appointment with a Graduate Writing Fellow. 5pts