Benefits of dog ownership

INFORMATIVE ESSAY-write an informative essay that increases readers knowledge of the topic and comprehension of the thesis statement. assessed on their ability to write cohesive paragraphs, a thesis statement that is fully supported throughout the essay, an introduction, and a conclusion that are free of punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors. Write in your own words, objectively without bias, and support their statements with evidence. 1. Write a thesis statement in the introduction with three points that will talked about that will flow through the essay. The essay consists of: 1) a one- to two-page essay, fallow template provided 2) a title page, and 3) a reference page with at least three sources and reference sources per APA 4. follow the informative essay template provided per APA 5. The essay must cite at least three credible and relevant sources. The essay must be formatted in APA, including a title page, page headers, subheadings, one-inch page margins, and be double-spaced using Times New Roman 12-point font. 6. Use the two sources I provided in the essay and outline! you pick the third add more if need but at least three sources, please list the link where it came from so I can find it for the source you pick. 7. add in-text citations throughout when you refer to, summarize, paraphrase, or quote from another source per APA. there must be a corresponding entry in your reference page this is very important all work needs to be referenced. FORMAL OUTLINE FOR INFORMATIVE ESSAY-develop a one- to two-page formal outline using alphanumeric format. The outline must include an introduction, including the articles thesis statement; topic sentences and main ideas for each paragraph, and a conclusion 1. Please follow the template provided 2. outline must correlate with essay and its three main points from the informative essay 3. reference page must be cited per APA format