Attributes of board of directors impact on the financial performance.Explain.

The thesis project is about: The attributes of board of directors impact on the financial performance of a company. In terms of gender diversity and the size of the board. Meaning: if more women are in the board rooms, how would that effect the financial performance of a company, and how does the size(number of directors) effect the financial performance, is having more better or less directors. we need to analyse companies boards in 5 years data to see their gender diversity and size, and see how their performances was in each year. This would be found in annul reports. 20 Companies has to be listed in New York stock exchange. some question: how does gender diversity effect the financial performace of a company, how does the size of the board effect the financial performance of a company. 35 companies that are listed in the New York stock exchange should be analyzed for five years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. By looking at their annual reports for each years we can identify their number of directors and then see how many women wore in the board and see that year’s financial performance. For example Ford Motors year 2015 had 12 board members had 4 women in the board and their financial performance in terms of return of assets and return on equity was this much X By doing this for 5 years we can find the best financial performance and what year it was, and then do understand what the best size a board has and how many womens this year has