Argumentative Essay Analyzing Frankenstein and Carrie

The essay is comparing Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Stephen King’s Carrie and answer this question: to what extent are the monster in Shelley’s Frankenstein and Carrie in Stephen King’s novel morally responsible for the deaths they cause? 1. The introduction must include the authors first and last name and the title of the novels! 2. A title! A thesis statement must be placed in the introduction! 2.The essay must be formatted using MLA! 3.All quotations should be cited using MLA! 4. works cited page! Although they were written over 150 years apart, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Carrie by Stephen King both feature monsters or murderers who are at least partly sympathetic. It should compare both novels and answer the following question: to what extent are the monster in Shelleys Frankenstein and Carrie in Kings novel morally responsible for the deaths they cause? How to Write the Essay In this essay, you should create an argument in response to the question above. This argument should be expressed in a thesis statement placed in the introduction to your essay. Your thesis should clearly and concisely express both your position and the reasons for your position. As long as it does not contradict itself, your thesis can present a complex answer to the question. For example, The monster in Frankenstein is ultimately less responsible for the deaths he causes than Carrie is for the destruction she creates, because. or Both the monster and Carrie are only partially responsible for the deaths they cause, because In the body of the essay, you should support your thesis statement by closely analyzing the text. Your essay should contain numerous short quotes from the text. For example, Kings description of Carrie as bovine demonstrates All quotations should be cited using MLA format. Grading Criteria A strong essay will Demonstrate understanding of both novels Present a convincing but debatable thesis statement and argument Analyze the textual details of the novels to support the thesis Compare both novels and successfully describe their similarities and differences Proceed logically from one paragraph to the next Make appropriate use of sentence structure, word choice, grammar, spelling, and punctuation