Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire

Students will be graded on their written assignments. The papers must be typed using Times New Roman, 12 font, double-spaced, normal margins (usually 1 on top and bottom; 1.25 on the right and left), no pictures, no lengthy quotes or extra spaces between paragraphs, with citations and bibliography. Additionally, it is very strongly recommended that students have Microsoft Word 2007, or 2010. Due dates and penalties for late submissions are in effect (read below), and assignments only count as turned in when the Instructor receives the emailed attachment.
Due dates: Thursday, October 17, 2019.

1) Choose a sexual practice or an event associated with sex from Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, and explain how it shaped their respective historical narratives (how history was recorded or told by the historians/philosophers/writers of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire). Make sure that you use specific examples, and connect them to your theme, as well as history.
2) Compare and contrast the depictions of the human body during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Be sure to explain those images in their contexts (i.e. the political, social, economic, technological, and religious), and follow a theme. This is a very broad topic that gives students the considerable latitude to follow a theme of their interest. However, not all students like that approach, and prefer more structure. Those students should contact the Instructor, who will provide them with a number of suggestions from which they can choose.