According to Stephen J. Gould, how do new MtDNA findings challenge the earlier ideas of monogeny and polygeny?

Assignment InstructionsWatch the film Evolution and Human Equality. Answer the following questions using information from the film and this course (notes, texts, readings).Compare and contrast monogeny and polygeny and discuss how each concept has been used to reinforce racial inequality. According to Stephen J. Gould, how do new MtDNA findings challenge the earlier ideas of monogeny and polygeny? How are these three strategies evaluated and how do scientist know which is explanation is best? Ie. Which explanation is more scientifically sound and why? Using concepts from evolutionary theory and information you have learned to date in this course, what conclusions can be drawn about equality among the different races?Goals for EssayExplain key terms researchers once used to describe race differences in humansDemonstrate your knowledge about historical and contemporary explanations of raceAnalyze the evidence Construct your perspective using evidence from multiple sources about equality and different racesPoints to keep in mindUse in-text citations and include a bibliography.(example: Boyd & Silk, 2006, p. 25)Avoid writing in first person (I). This is an objective essay that requires empirical evidence to support your ideas.Do NOT use Wikipedia, or any other website on Google.Please use APA formattingAcceptable Sources to Use:Evolution and Human Equality (video by Stephen Jay Gould)Boyd & Silk, How Humans Evolved, chapter 14 (8th edition)Link to National Geographic Article about race (link available on Blackboard under Essay Instructions)Lecture notes (please cite: Placek, lecture notes 11/15/2018)Essay Instructions: This essay will give you a chance to demonstrate your knowledge of the course materials in a more formal fashion than in-class quizzes. You should address the questions in essay format: Introduction (thesis), body, and conclusion. Write 2-3 pages double spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, and 1 inch margins. First and foremost, use the sources I listed above! There is no need to seek external sources for this assignment unless you want more clarification on the concepts.The best essays are those that show you are thinking critically about the material and the ideas behind that material. Be aware, that only writing about your opinion without supporting it with data will be marked down. Also, summarizing book/lecture material without any discussion or explanation will be marked down. Limit use of direct quotes (only 1 per essay and this cannot be a block quote). Cite your quotes and paraphrasing with authors last name or movie name, date and page number (example: Boyd & Silk, 2006, p. 25). Make sure to produce your own work for these essays (see academic integrity policy in the Syllabus). Failure to provide at least one citation per paragraph will result in a ZERO for this assignment and I will not allow any attempts to reconcile the grade.