Write a research proposal that aims to depict the roles that prosecutors and plea-bargains have in the drive for mass incarceration.

1. Attached you will find a guide w/ questions that serves to make sure you answered those questions and included that stuff in the proposal. Additionally, you will find a screenshot called “this must be included” and thats basically a note from my professor reminding you that you include that stuff in the proposal as well. Furthermore, you will find a PDF file of the Final Proposal Instructions, so please review it all the way because you will see that I included a little note for you to read on what to make sure you include. LASTLY, you will see a screenshot called Professor’s Announcement. Please please read it because she emphasizes the importance of NOT submitting the same draft and she includes questions to make sure you answer in the final draft of the proposal.

2. You will also find a screenshot of the Professors feedback that she gave for the proposal in its entirety so please make sure you review those comments and fix the stuff she mentioned.

3. **IMPORTANT** Moreover, you will find screenshots of the presentation I had to make based on my proposal.(The screenshots are labeled “powerpoint slide 1-10.”) My professor said that we MUST view the comments that the students made and use them in the revision for the final draft. She said that if the comments are useful and we just simply ignore them, then she will take points off (smh). Below you will a bunch of links that I used in order to do the presentation so please take a look at them and see if they help you in any way. PLEASE MAKE SURE U ADDRESS THESE COMMENTS.

Sources I used for Presentation:

How Does Mass Incarceration Affect Communities?


The Social Consequences of Mass Incarceration

I really dont know which direction to take this proposal towards… so write and “propose” as you see fit! Thank you so much in advance and if you have ANY questions at all please do not hesistate to reach out. The assignment was due today originally, but now it is due tomorrow by 11:59 pm.