What is the corporations relationship with society?

Need both Power point slides with talking point and 3 page paper.

MBA 310 – Final Project – CSR Analysis
British Petroleum Oil

Final Project Objective: The objective of this group project is to apply the content from this course to evaluate the relationship between how well a public company balances between the non-economic market and social forces with its responsibility to generate a profit and sustain its long term growth objectives.

Using BPO Deepwater Horizon Spill

Executive Summary (2-4 slides)
The corporation and its relationship to society and stakeholders. What is the corporations relationship with society? How does it create value to society? Who are the stakeholders and what approach does the corporation utilize to engage its stakeholders? How successful is the approach and what are the key stakeholder issues? What is the companys labor practice? How well does the company treat its customers?
Define the scope of what the report will touch on
List the related topics that we dont plan to go into

CSR Issues (principal findings) (2-4 slides)
Corporate social responsibility (CSR). How socially responsible is the corporation in conducting its business? How does the company measure its CSR performance? What ethical practices do the corporation and its employees follow? How effective is its corporate governance?
The acute issue for the company are lots negative media scrutiny thanks to the oil spill
This is on top of ongoing PR issues because they are largely a fossil fuel company
What changes can be made to the standard industry process regarding oil rigs?
What role does BP play in changing these practices
Why didnt BP for see that the process for reporting maintenance issues didnt translate to an immediate response from upper management?
Challenges because of a changing energy regulatory climate globally
Decisions regarding compliance versus lobbying for lighter regulations
What role do these oil companies play to mitigate the effects of climate change?
BP is investing in sustainable energy alternatives (is this largely a PR stunt?)
Discuss branding
What are the problems with plastics products?.

Recommendations (2-4 slides)
Business and government relationship. What role does the company play in shaping government regulations? Is it for the betterment of the society or is it for the benefit of the company? What is the companys lobbying practice? How does it compare with its industry peers?
Business ethics. How ethically does the company perform in its supply chain practices/global business competition? How ethically does the company use its technology?

Conclusions (2-4 slides)
Conclusions. After analyzing the company based on the above criteria, what conclusion do you and your team form of the performance of your chosen company and what would you recommend for the company to do going forward?