What is the auteur theory? How might the auteur theory be applied to the French director Jean-Luc Godard ?

What is the auteur theory? How might the auteur theory be applied to the French director Jean-Luc Godard ? Your response must make an argument for the presence of a signature style and/or distinct thematic concerns that appear across your directors body of work. I will upload a few academic sources but PLease find more academic sources and use them for the essay. Please watch at least 2 films made by Jean-Luc Godard and analyze his style and how the auteur theory can be applied to him. I’ll upload another document which is a guideline on who to write this critical analysis. There will also be a checklist that you have to compete and checkmark as you complete the assignment. PLEASE USE THE CHECKLIST AND UPLOADED IT WITH THE ASSIGNMENT. Your Analysis is to be written up as a short academic essay (introduction; body of the text; conclusion) that includes correct academic citation in the UniSA Harvard Style, an academic Reference List and a Filmography. Include the analysis of at least two film examples in your response. You must locate, use and engage with at least 5 academic sources that are relevant to your chosen director and the Topic. You are free to use more than 5 academic sources if you wish. Academic sources are defined as academic books, academic book chapters or peer-reviewed journal articles ONLY. Consult the Assignment 2 Tab on the Course Site for further information about academic sources. Advice will also be given in class. Submissions that do not work with 5 relevant and academic sources will not be passed. You can use the course e-readings and the Further Reading list. You may also conduct your own Screen Studies research through the UniSA Library. No Honours, Masters or PhD theses can be used in the Critical Analysis. You must make full and consistent academic citations (UniSA Harvard). This means that you must cite specific page numbers in the body of the text when you are quoting or paraphrasing from all academic sources. Film titles are to be presented in italics – cite the director and year of the film production in brackets when first mentioned. The set word length is 1575 words. The minimum word length you can deliver is 1418 words; the maximum word length is 1733 words. Your word count runs from your introduction to your conclusion. It does not include the Topic, your Reference List or your Filmography.