Third View & Depictive Photography

1. Many Civil War and Western Survey photographers had trouble remaining neutral and objective in their documentary work because of their reactions to what they found. Their opinions and emotions appeared in the work. However, many others argue that photography serves to treat other people as objects and, in effect, dehumanize us. Please seek out three examples documentary depictive involvement photography that you believe morally distances us from other people. Then make a reasoned case for your opinion. Give detailed descriptions of your examples and reason out your answer. (1000 words)2. Explore the Third View website, paying attention to the maps and the field notes. Find one example of each of the following involvements from the Third View website or from other 19th century survey photography archives: one example of a depictive involvement photograph one example of a representational artistic involvement photograph one example of an assisted-reality artistic involvement photograph. Please embed examples into your paper. Caption each photograph by including the following: photographer, title of the photograph, survey and the date of the photograph and the source of the photograph.Using your examples, explain why you feel each example you selected is a good match for the involvement you have assigned to your example. Be sure to directly reference your examples. (1000 words)