The organization’s mission and how they accomplish their mission based on information from the Fast Company website and/or the organization’s website;

Formatting, Writing, Etc… of Assignments Formatting (for Individual Assignments): Your papers should be spell-checked and grammar checked, well written with a logical flow of thought. Structure your paper into paragraphs. Papers should be posted as attachments in Microsoft Word or a Microsoft Word compatible document. If you use an Apple computer be sure you save your document as a .doc or docx. Documents that cannot be opened will be treated as if they were not submitted. Papers should: 1. be double spaced. 2. utilize Arial or Times New Roman Font. 3. be font size 12. 4. include a title (cover) page with your name, identifying information for the course, date and title of the paper. 5. have the pages numbered. 6. should properly cite external sources including the textbook, websites, etc using APA, MLA or other known citation method (I prefer MLA)