Symbolic Statements

Below are 5 sentences that you must translate. If the sentence is in symbolic form, translate it into an english sentence. If the sentence is in english, translate it into symbolic form (remember to identify the meaning of your statements-e.g. Let A = Bob goes to the store, let B = … You will have to supply your own statements for symbolic statements). Each successful response is worth 2 points. In your response posts, you will do well to offer alternatives, critiques, or elaborations.

*The best way to use the symbols is to copy past them. [ ~, v, , ]

1) If Jim walks the dog then either Mandy or Jamal will go with him.

2) The AC is not working but the heat works and you would be crazy to run the heat in this weather.

3) You can have water with you pizza or you can have pepsi with your pizza but if you drink milk, you don’t get to eat.

4) ~A(BvC)

5) (PQ)v~(PQ)