Supply and Demand

There is only one written assignment due at the end of the course. The objectives: To explain microeconomic concepts in your own words with real world examples, to improve writing and research skills. Use American Psychological Association style, commonly known as APA style for the course paper. Visit the APA site for more information on APA style. For this assignment you are to summarize a concept presented in one of the chapters in the text that has interested you the most. Below is a hypothetical example of steps a student might take in completing this assignment: 1. You became interested in, say, chapter 7, Taxes. 2. You define and explain a concept such as incidence of tax, excise tax, or burden of taxation. You organized your notes on relevant points sequentially. 3. You find fairly current articles relevant to your chosen concept. (For example: How a 5% hotel room occupancy tax imposed on tourists visiting San Diego may affect price, quantity demanded and supplied, and who (demanders or suppliers) may bear more of the burden of the excise tax). 4. You offer concluding remarks that may be subjective but supported by microeconomic reasoning. This essay should emphasize quality rather than quantity and should be at least 4 pages, not including bibliography. The course paper must contain the references used including one reference to a scholarly book or scholarly journal- the textbook can be used as a reference. To find the academic articles that you need for your paper (at least one), go to the following full text databases in NU Library: Business Source Premier (EBSCO), Emerald Management Xtra, LexisNexis Academic, ProQuest Databases and ProQuest Dissertations and Thesis. These databases are in National Universitys library. Databases have different sources or information, and you always have to combine them. Economists would say that databases are complements rather than substitutes, in other words, try more than one database. The conclusion of your paper should relate to the objective of your paper.