Strategic Planning Facets in Hospitality and Tourism

Write an assignment about the “Strategic Planning Facets in Hospitality and Tourism” with a minimum of 2400 word and a maximum of 2500 word, following these 5 “Assessment Criteria” (and “sub-criteria”): 1.Understand the use of theories and approaches in identifying and evaluating business: 1.1 Identify the different methods and theories used in identifying and evaluating business strategy; 1.2 Compare and differentiate the approaches and theories identified. 2.Identify and evaluate the strategic options toward hospitality and tourism organisations: 2.1 Using strategic business development theories identify the strategic options available for a hospitality or tourism organisation; 2.2 Show critical evaluation of the strategic options available. 3. Identify the risk involved and be able to recommend and justify suitable options: 3.1 Address the risks involved as a result of adopting the strategic option; 3.2 Recommend and justify further strategic options available for hospitality and tourism organisation. 4.Develop a business strategy and evaluation of the concept ethics: 4.1 Using strategic planning models develop a business strategy for the organisation in the hospitality and tourism sector; 4.2 Critically assess the concept of ethics in the development of business strategy. 5.Identify potential conflicts and the techniques for mitigation in the implementation of a business strategy: 5.1 Recognise and analyse the areas of conflict in the implementation of the business strategy; 5.2 Endorse measures or techniques in mitigating the conflicts during the implementation of a business strategy. I ALSO UPLOAD A TXT FILE (PROVIDED DIRECTLY BY THE SCHOOL) WITH A LIST OF LINKS ON YOU CAN FIND THE NECESSARY MATERIAL TO COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT. Other “guidelines”: Try to give the reader a smooth progression from one idea to the next through your work (think of the most economical way of putting every point across), rather than a series of random, disconnected points. Your writing should lead the reader clearly and naturally to your conclusion. Plagiarism levels should be below 14% (checking it by copy/paste your text on