Short Literature Review on “The Rise of anxiety and depression of college students.

Title Page: Including Name, Title of Paper, Date Introduction: (1 page) A brief overview of your topic Why does it matter? Why is it important to you? What is it that you will be focusing on? Make a statement about why an interdisciplinary approach is best to address your topic (use and cite your book). Literature Review: (1.5 – 2 pages) Identify 4 5 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles should come from multiple disciplines to move towards an interdisciplinary and integrated framing of the research problem. Discuss how those articles relate to or inform your research topic. Offer a critique of the value of those articles. Do not just state whether or not you liked an article, but instead provide evidence for why the article has merit or not. Conclusion: (1 page) Provide a summary which states the main ideas from the literature review Identify areas that you believe to be underdeveloped or identify what you still need to search for Reflection: (.5 pages) Describe your research process so far, share any issues you may have had in writing References: Listed correctly according to your chosen citation style (Chicago)