Role models and health problems: Are our role models in the media having a negative impact on our perception of body image.

This dissertation seeks to address the issue of celebrities in the media and the obsession with being ‘body beautiful’. What is seen as being attractive or unattractive and the social implications this may or may not have on our generation. This includes fitness and catwalk models and the idea that Size zero is the only size in fashion. In so doing, it suggests that the ‘body beautiful’ image presented by catwalk models and Instagram influencers has led to a dramatic rise in eating disorders within both teenage girls and the rising number of boys, that costs the NHS an increasing amount of money each year. Rather than seeing celebrities as a cultural phenomenon, this dissertation suggests that they could be seen as having a negative influence on health. How then, in a world obsessed with image are the health realities of ‘following the unrealistic expectations to be communicated.