Positive Youth Enrichment: Intramural Sports Program

Working successfully in the social services requires the ability to make important decisions regarding the treatment and care of clients. These decisions must be informed decisions that are based on scientific research and best practices in the field. In this project, you will choose a developmental topic of interest. You will gather primary sources that describe interventions related to this topic. The goal of this paper is for you to develop an intervention program of your own, based on previous research, that will benefit children and/or families.
Interventions focus on either preventing or treating a problem or set of problems in participants. This section gives you the opportunity to be creative and thoughtful in your development of an intervention. Based on your two primary sources that already examine interventions related to your chosen topic, you will design an intervention program that will address your chosen topic.
Program Description
In your description of your intervention, you must describe:
(a) The age group you are targeting
(b) Who will be conducting the intervention (therapists, teachers, parents, etc.) and in what setting (home, school, church, community center, etc.)
(c) The timeline for the intervention (e.g., How many times will you meet? How long will your intervention last?)
(d) The specific strategies used in your intervention (i.e., How will you enhance childrens lives?)
You must cite AT LEAST TWO primary sources (from peer-reviewed journal articles) that offer empirical research to support the intervention you develop. Use your articles to inform your answers for (a) (d) above.