Phoning Out

The question the essay is about: Have people become overly dependent on smartphones?The thesis and outline that must be used in the essay: Smartphones have become an integral part of life, but we are not overly dependent on them because many people still don’t even have smartphones. People lived for thousands of years without smartphones, and we could all, every one of us, stop using our phones forever and would continue to live.Points:A. Many people do not have smartphones.B. We could literally live without them.C.People up to around twenty to thirty years ago had no phones, and they lived.D. (opposition) It would be extraordinarily difficult to give up the ease that phones give us.Argument EssayWrite an essay—one that has a clearly stated thesis and presents an argument on a specific topic from the list below.Requirements:Include at least three supporting points.Use outside sources. You must use at least three outside sources total that are in MLA format and cited in-text. Two of your sources should come from either the BPCC library or a database found using the BPCC library. You will need both a work cited page and in-text citations. The works cited page is part of your essay and is on separate page at the end of the essay. The easiest way to include your work cited page is to insert a page break at the end of your essay and then build your works cited page from there.Consider the opposition. Have a section—typically a paragraph—in which you consider the opposite of your thesis—the opposing view—and explain why, in the end, you disagree with the opposition.((Here is a link to the BPCC Library, wherein at least two of the sources have to be found.- ))I need a seperate works cited page at the end. If you need to charge more for all this, please let me know. I can pay more.