Pathopharmacological Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice – Asthma on the Adult population

Writing asthma paper for my pathopharmacological foundations class. Topic: Asthma on the adult population. Each section assigned (ex. A1.) and must start with question asked in a statement form so they are aware on the section we talking about.

You will complete a paper, focusing on Asthma. The focus will be on the adult population, not specific groups. Consider each section of the paper as almost a stand alone document. In other words, avoid combining rubric sections. While this may result in some redundancy in my paper, it will also ensure that I have addressed all evaluation criteria in the appropriate section, with at least adequate detail. I will provide you rubric with clear explanation for each section. I also will provide you with an example of how the paper should look with running head. There is no limit on sources but they must be 4 reliable sources.
thank you in advance for your time in this paper. I look forward to working with you. Happy Holidays!