“Ode on a Grecian Urn”

In the poem, as our poet walks around the urn, he describes various scenes found on the urn itself. For your reading response: Summarize the scene found in the second stanza. Be sure to describe it in some detail. Explain how the paradox found in the last two lines of the second stanza relates to the power and significance of art and poetry. What is it that art and poetry are able to do? What does this have to do with the idea of time and eternity? In approximately 250 words (one page), make a clear, focused argument (thesis statement) that tackles one or more of these questions clearly and directly but also substantively. For our grading purposes, and so that you yourself know your argument, please underline your thesis statement in the final draft you submit. Analyze at least one quotation from the text to support your ideas. You may use more textual evidence but these should be kept to a minimum and, if used, should be short. Be careful to consider alternatives to your answer or other ways of thinking about the question. This will help you write a more focused and better answer. This is not a research paper, so please do not consult any outside sources for your ideas. This would be considered plagiarism, and the paper would receive an automatic F. A premium is placed on a focused, clear, and succinct answer to the question. Each Reading Response will be worth 3% of your final grade. Here is how points will be awarded: Max Points; Description 6: Understanding text in relation to the prompt: Demonstrates understanding of key points in the text as well as addresses thoroughly the prompt. 6: Clarity/Strength of Argument: Develops a clear thesis statement in the first paragraph. Supporting paragraphs form points that support the thesis. Other viewpoints are considered and responded to. Summary of the text is kept to a minimum. 4: Appropriate evidence from the text: At least one quote that supports the thesis is included. Additional quotes are kept to a reasonable number and all quotes are an appropriate length for the length of the paper. All evidence is clearly based in the text. 2: Grammar/Mechanics: There are no grammar or spelling errors 2: MLA Formatting: The paper is formatted according to MLA rules and in-text citations are used and appropriately formatted. A works cited page is included if any source outside of the prompted text is used. 20: Total