Major Theses of the Ottoman Empire

Two major theses concerning Ottoman rule relate to the Empires origins (the ghazi thesis) and to its supposed peak (the decline thesis). Explore the basic arguments of these two approaches to Ottoman history and why they have endured for so long, then suggest an alternative story for thinking about the development of the Ottomans from the mid 13th century to the 17th. (Here, you could build on some of the themes we discussed in class but may not seem to be directly a part of the question outlinedrole of religion, architecture, gender, rebellions, insiders/outsiders, participatory politics, changes to the structure of power within and outside the palace walls, center/provincial relations, etc.) I have provided with all the sources that are necessary to write this essay. The sources in regards to the decline thesis are named as decline thesis ___, and the sources for the ghazi debate is named as ghazi