Life span development: ENDING

General research: physical and /or, cognitive and/or, psychological and/or, personality, and/or social development (one or more characteristics) during one of the following stages. Middle Adulthood Late Adulthood ENDING( writing about this one) 2- Comparison study: by conducting observations of a subject (should be an adult in his/her Middle, Late adulthood, or Ending stage) for one or all developmental characteristics for that specific developmental period (Physical, cognitive, and/or socioemotional development). Then you compare your results with a well-known human developmental model or theories to explain your results. Please make sure to include a global component in your research paper such as adding an example of what happen in another country related to your topic(Kenya). For example, the way individual deal with the end of their life in different cultures, and different countries, or the role of elderly in the family dynamic of different countries. Your personal experiences could be included in conclusion/discussion section. Creativity is encouraged in completing this project. You are asked to write 5 to 6 pages typed double spaced research/reaction paper with a reference section of 4 resources or more. You need to include also your reflection, diversity factors in your paper. APA format is required NOTE: I am from Africa, so include African culture how they deal with the elderly and how they deal with demise of an elderly person.